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The Sinai is a triangular shaped peninsula between Egypt and Israel and is bordered by the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba (Elath). It is here Moses and the Israelites wandered for 40 years. The lower part of Sinai is mountainous, reaching to a height of 8600 feet.

It was on a mountain in Sinai, which is called either Mount Sinai, Mount Horeb, or The Mountain of God, that Moses received the 10 Commandments. Moses climbed this mountain several times.

Sinai desert - photo from FreeStockPhotos.comA whole generation of Israelites lived and died in Sinai, and a new generation was born. Only two adults that entered Sinai, Joshua and Caleb, made it through the 40 years, and crossed the Jordan into Israel. God fed His people with food (Manna and quail) and water during the 40 year trek, and led them with a cloud by day and fire by night.

God gave the Law to the people in Sinai and had the Tabernacle with the Ark of the Covenant built there. Most of the Book of Exodus, and the Books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are devoted to the Israelites in Sinai, and it was there Moses wrote these Books, plus the Book of Geneses.

Sinai is the only land connection between Asia and Africa, and between Egypt and Israel. Abraham; Jacob and his family; and Jesus, Mary and Joseph all crossed this area on their travels to Egypt and back. The Paran desert is located in Sinai, and this is where Ishmael lived with his mother Hagar, and where David hid out after the death of Samuel.

Sinai appears in 17 Bible verses: Ex 16:1, Ex 19:1, Ex 19:2, Lev 7:38, Num 1:1, Num 1:19, Num 3:4, Num 3:14, Num 9:1, Num 9:5, Num 10:12, Num 26:64, Num 33:15, Num 33:16, Deut 33:2, Judg 5:5 and Ps 68:17.

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