Nahum's prophecies

Nahum, an Old Testament prophet, lived about 2600 years ago. He is believed to have delivered his prophecies about Nineveh shortly before they were fulfilled. Some of his prophecies include long-term predictions that we today can judge to be accurate. Nineveh was an important city within the Assyrian Empire. The empire had conquered the kingdom of Israel in about 722 BC, about 2700 years ago. The conquest was ruthless and devastating. Nineveh, according to the Bible, was to be punished for its treatment of Israel. In 612 BC (about 2600 years ago), a coalition of Babylonians, Scythians and Medes conquered Nineveh. As Nahum had said more than 2600 years ago, Nineveh would never recover from its defeat. As we can see today, Nahum was right.

Below is a partial listing of Nahum's prophecies.

Nahum 1:8-9
Nineveh's destruction would be permanent

Nahum 1:10
Ninevites would be drunk in their final hours

Nahum 1:14
Ninevites would be wiped out

Nahum 2:6
Nineveh would be hit with a flood

Nahum 3:12
Nineveh's fortresses would be easily captured

Nahum 3:15
Nineveh would be destroyed by fire

Nahum 3:17
Nineveh's army officers would desert

Nahum 3:19
Nineveh would be destroyed, permanently

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