Zechariah's prophecies

Zechariah was a prophet in Jerusalem about 2500 years ago. During that time, many Jews were returning from the Babylonian Captivity to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple. Even so, Zechariah's prophecies looked far into a future in which the Jews would again be exiled from their homeland, and this time scattered worldwide. His prophecies said that Jews would be persecuted worldwide, that Jerusalem would become the center of attention for the world. Today, we can see with our own eyes that Zechariah's prophecies accurately describe the worldwide dispersion and persecution of Jews that has taken place during the past 1900 years. And Jerusalem has indeed become the center of attention, politically and religiously, for international community, more so than any other city in the world.

Below is a partial listing of Zechariah's prophecies.

Zechariah 9:3-4
Tyre would lose its power over the sea

Zechariah 9:9
The Messiah would enter Jerusalem while riding on a donkey

Zechariah 12:10
Zechariah foreshadowed the crucifixion of Jesus

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