Isaiah's prophecies

Isaiah the prophet lived in Jerusalem about 2700 years ago, during the time in which the Assyrian Empire conquered the northern part of the Jewish homeland. The book of Isaiah contains many prophecies that are interpreted by Christians (including us at this web site) as being about the Messiah Jesus Christ. Today, we can see with our own eyes that many of Isaiah's prophecies have found fulfillment with the worldwide dispersion of Jews, the worldwide persecution of Jews, the recent worldwide migration of Jews back to Israel during the past century, the recent re-establishment and restoration of Israel, and the worldwide impact that Jews have had on the world.

Below is a partial listing of Isaiah's prophecies.

Isaiah 7:7-8
The northern kingdom of Israel would cease to exist

Isaiah 7:14
Isaiah foreshadowed the virgin birth of Jesus

Isaiah 9:1-2
The Messiah would appear in Galilee, be a light to Gentiles

Isaiah 9:6-7
There would be a son called God

Isaiah 11:1-10
Nations would seek the counsel of Jesse's descendant

Isaiah 13:17
Babylon would be attacked by the Medes

Isaiah 13:19
Babylon's kingdom would be overthrown, permanently

Isaiah 14:23
Babylon would be reduced to swampland

Isaiah 26:19
Isaiah prophesied about resurrection

Isaiah 27:12-13
God promised to restore the Jews

Isaiah 35:1-2
The land of Israel would be restored

Isaiah 35:4-6
He would perform miracles

Isaiah 39:5-7
The southern kingdom of Judah would be conquered and the people would be exiled

Isaiah 40:1-5,9
The Messiah would be preceded by a messenger

Isaiah 42:1-9
The Messiah would be a light to Gentiles

Isaiah 45:1
Babylon's gates would open for Cyrus

Isaiah 49:6
God's salvation would reach the ends of the earth

Isaiah 49:13-17
God will never forget the children of Israel

Isaiah 50:6
Jesus was spat upon and beaten

Isaiah 53:1-3
The Messiah would be rejected

Isaiah 53:4-6
God's servant would die for our sins

Isaiah 53:7
God's servant would be silent before his accusers

Isaiah 53:9
God's servant would be buried in a rich man's tomb

Isaiah 53:12
God's servant would be "numbered with the transgressors"

Isaiah 61:1-2
Isaiah foreshadows the ministry of Jesus

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