Amos's prophecies

Below is a partial listing of Amos' prophecies. Amos was a prophet who lived during the 8th Century B.C., about 2,800 years ago. Like Hosea, he was a prophet who lived in the Kingdom of Israel, which covered the northern part of the land of Israel, during the time when Judah was the kingdom that covered the southern part of the land of Israel. Amos is one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament of the Bible.

Amos 1:3-5
Amos prophesies that Damascus (Kingdom of Aram) would burn and fall

Amos 1:6-7
Amos prophesies that the fortresses of Philistine Gaza would fall

Amos 1:9-10
Amos prophesies that Tyre's fortresses would fail

Amos 1:11-12
Amos prophesies against Edomite cities of Teman and Bozrah

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