Nineveh's destruction would be permanent

Bible passage: Nahum 1:8-9
Prophet: Nahum
Written: About 614 BC

In Nahum 1:8-9, the prophet said Nineveh's destruction would be permanent and that it would not cause trouble a second time. This prophecy has been fulfilled. Nineveh's destruction in 612 BC brought an end to the city's status as the ancient world's most powerful city. It also brought an end to the Assyrian Empire, for which Nineveh was the capital. Many empires have lost and regained power, including Babylon, which played a key role in conquering Nineveh. But, like Nahum said 2,600 years ago, Nineveh never rose to power again.

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Here is Nahum 1:8-9:

8 but with an overwhelming flood he will make an end of [Nineveh]; he will pursue his foes into darkness.

9 Whatever they plot against the LORD he[1] will bring to an end; trouble will not come a second time.

NIV Footnote: [1] Or What do you foes plot against the LORD? He

(New International Version translation)