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Smyrna was a city on the Aegean Sea coast of the Roman province of Asia (modern Turkey) north of Ephesus. It had magnificent buildings, and was one of the most prosperous cities in Asia Minor. It was a Greek colony that was captured and destroyed by the Lydians in the 7th century BC.

It was built up again in the 3rd century BC and later became an ally to Rome. The Gospel eventually spread there from Ephesus.

In Revelation, chapter 2, the 2nd letter to the 7 churches was written to Smyrna. The letter is a positive one, and promises the crown of life to the church of Smyrna, if they remain faithful until death. Today the modern city of Izmir stands on the site.

The other six churches that are mentioned in this part of the book of Revelation are Ephesus, Laodicea, Pergamos, Philadelphia, Sardis, and Thyatira.

Smyrna appears in 2 Bible verses: Rev 1:11 and Rev 2:8.

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