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Seir is a mountainess region south and east of the Dead Sea. The land of Seir is another name for the country of Edom, where Esau, Jacob's brother settled (Genesis 36:8). God did not allow Moses and the Israelites to engage in battle with their kindred, as they marched past Edom, as He had given "Mount Seir to Esau as a possession" (Deuteronomy 2:3-5). The prophets condemn Edom, and sometimes call it Mount Seir, in many prophecies.

Seir appears in 24 Bible verses: Gen 14:6, Gen 32:3, Gen 33:14, Gen 33:16, Gen 36:8, Gen 36:9, Gen 36:30, Num 24:18, Deut 1:44, Deut 2:4, Deut 2:8, Deut 2:12, Deut 2:22, Deut 2:29, Deut 33:2, Josh 11:17, Josh 12:7, Josh 24:4, Judg 5:4, 2 Chr 20:23, 2 Chr 25:11, 2 Chr 25:14, Isa 21:11 and Ezek 25:8.

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