Mahanaim was given its name by Jacob. After Jacob and his family departed from his father-in-law Laban, he was met by angels of God. Jacob said "This is God's camp", so he called the place Mahanaim (Gen 32:1-2).

It later became one of the Levite cities on the border between the territories of Manasseh and Gad.

After King Saul died, his general, Abner, enthroned Saul's son Ishbosheth at Mahanaim. David fled to Mahanaim when his son Absalom revolted.

Mahanaim became the center of one of the 12 districts that King Solomon appointed officials over, to provide food one month a year for the King and his household.

Today Mahanaim is called Tell edh Dhahab el Gharbi, and is located in Jordan, about 33 miles north east of the Dead Sea, north of the Jabbok River.

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