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Haran is the name of a place and the name of a person, and both are connected to Abraham and his father Terah.

Haran is the name of the town, in what is now Iraq, that Abraham lived in for a while before going on to the land of Canaan, which later became Israel. Abraham and his family had lived in Ur.

We learn from Genesis that Abraham's brother, Haran, was born in Ur and had died in Ur. After his death, the family planned to settle in Canaan.

For reasons apparently unknown to us, Terah, who was Abraham's father, decided to settle in the town of Haran rather than continue on to Canaan.

Haran also is the town in which Jacob, who was Abraham's grandson, sought refuge when his brother Esau had vowed to kill him.

Haran appears in 12 Bible verses: Gen 11:31, Gen 11:32, Gen 12:4, Gen 12:5, Gen 27:43, Gen 28:10, Gen 29:4, 2 Kgs 19:12, Isa 37:12, Ezek 27:23, Acts 7:2 and Acts 7:4.

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