Wasn't Babylon supposed to be desolate forever?

Question: In Jer. 50:39 and Is. 13:19-20 God prophesies that Babylon will never again be inhabited. But it has been inhabited constantly since the prophecy was supposedly made, and is inhabited still today.

Response: The neo-Babylonian empire was conquered by Cyrus about 2500 years ago. That conquest brought a permanent end to the Babylonian empire. As for the city of Babylon, it began a long process of decline after Cyrus' conquest and is said to have been completely deserted by 800 AD. The city was buried in sand until the late 1800s, when archaeologists rediscovered the site. The city began a new life as an archaeological site, although progress has been stymied by wars that have occurred during the past few centuries.

Babylon, as a people, as a nation, and as an empire, has ceased to exist or function in any way shape or form. The city itself was buried under sand for centuries. It is very safe to say that these facts lend credence to the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah.

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