Herodias, daughter of

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The daughter of Herodias is not named in the Bible. She was the daughter of Herodias, who had married Herod Antipas. The daughter successfully persuaded her stepfather to behead John the Baptist.

The daughter's story is told in Matthew 14:6-11 and Mark 6:22-28. She danced for Herod and his dinner guests. Herod was so pleased with her performance that he told her she could have anything she reqeuested.

The daughter then asked her mother, Herodias, what she should ask for. And Herodias replied that the daughter should ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter.

John the Baptist was in prison at the time. Herod had imprisoned him after he had criticized the marriage of Herod and Herodias. Herodias had been the wife of Herod's brother, Philip.

Herod promptly fulfilled the request and had John the Baptist beheaded. When presented with the head on the platter, the daughter turned and gave it to her mother.

Josephus, a Jewish historian who lived during the first century, wrote that Herodias had a daughter named Salome.

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