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Noadiah was a women who was described as being a prophet, although a false prophet.

Noadiah lived about 2500 years ago and she was among a group of people, which included men named Tobiah and Sanballat, who tried to intimidate Nehemiah when he organized work to rebuild Jerusalem, which had been destroyed earlier by the Babylonians.

Nehemiah wrote in his book:

"Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, my God, because of what they have done; remember also the prophet Noadiah and how she and the rest of the prophets have been trying to intimidate me" (Nehemiah 6:14, NIV).

Despite the opposition, Nehemiah and other Jews who had returned from exile in Babylon were successful in restoring the city of Jerusalem.

Noadiah is mentioned once by name, in Nehemiah 6:14.

The name Noadiah also belongs to a Levite man in Ezra 8:33.

Although Noadiah was a false prophetess, her name means "one to whom the Lord has revealed Himself."

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