A king of Hazor. When he heard of the Israelite victories under Joshua in southern Canaan, Jabin mustered a large army to fight the invaders "they came out with all their troops, an army numerous as the sands of the seashore, and with a multitude of horses and chariots" (Joshua 11:4). The Israelites defeated them at the waters of Merom near Hazor. Jabin was killed and the city of Hazor was demolished.

Note: There are some scholars who believe this Jabin, is the same Jabin during the time OfDeborah and Barak. Whose army, led by Sisera, was defeated by Deborah and Barak at the River Kishon (Judges 4:2). However, it could be that Jabin was a dynastic title of the kings of Hazor, and that the king defeated by Barak was a later ruler.

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