Philistia would be destroyed

Bible passage: Jeremiah 47:1-7
Prophet: Jeremiah
Written: About 2,600 years ago

The prophets of the Old Testament had much to say about the nations that had sought to harm or destroy Israel. Some of their prophecies foretold that these nations would be destroyed.

The following example involves the Philistines, who controlled a portion of land between Judah and the Mediterranean Sea. That area included the cities of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath. At various times in history, such as during the time of King David about 3,000 years ago, the Philistines were often involved in conflicts with Israel.

About 2,600 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed that the Philistines would be destroyed. In Jeremiah 47:1-7, the prophet announced that the real threat against the Philistines would not come from Egypt, which was about to attack the city of Gaza, but from the north, which would be the direction from which the Babylonians would invade and subdue the region.

Biblical mentions of the Philistines, as well as mentions of them in other records, decreased substantially after the time of the Babylonian invasion. Whereas the Jews recovered from their hardships and retained their national identity, the Philistines did not.

- Research and commentary is based on the book 100 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies. © Ray Konig and

Here is Jeremiah 47:1-7 (NIV):

1 This is the word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the Philistines before Pharaoh attacked Gaza:

2 This is what the Lord says: "See how the waters are rising in the north; they will become an overflowing torrent. They will overflow the land and everything in it, the towns and those who live in them. The people will cry out; all who dwell in the land will wail

3 at the sound of the hooves of galloping steeds, at the noise of enemy chariots and the rumble of their wheels.

Parents will not turn to help their children; their hands will hang limp.

4 For the day has come to destroy all the Philistines and to remove all survivors who could help Tyre and Sidon. The Lord is about to destroy the Philistines, the remnant from the coasts of Caphtor.

5 Gaza will shave her head in mourning; Ashkelon will be silenced. You remnant on the plain, how long will you cut yourselves?

6 "'Alas, sword of the Lord, how long till you rest? Return to your sheath; cease and be still.'

7 But how can it rest when the Lord has commanded it, when he has ordered it to attack Ashkelon and the coast?"