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Miracles of Jesus

Shows details of 40 miracles involving Jesus as described in the New Testament. View details »

Bible prophecies sorted by theme

Explains the fulfillments of a selection of Biblical prophecies that foretold the destruction of Israel, as well as the exile, persecution, scattering and regathering of its people. Also explains prophecies involving the Messiah, which are fulfilled by Jesus. View details »

Interesting facts about Jesus Christ

The prophets foretold details about his life, death, mission, resurrection and of the impact he would have worldwide. View details »

Life and teachings of Jesus Christ

Provides details about the life and ministry of Jesus about 2000 years ago in the land of Israel. View details »

Women in the Bible

There are about 200 women who are named in the Bible's Old and New Testaments. This page contains a partial list of women in the Bible and features information about each one. We'll be adding more profiles until we have a complete list. View details »

Articles, answers, explanations and links

Includes articles about Jesus and how he fulfilled various Old Testament prophecies about a Messiah and other articles about Biblical prophecy. View details »

People in the Bible

Provides profiles about 300 people listed in tne Bible. View details »

Cities and towns in the Bible

Gives an overview of important sites mentioned in the Old and New Testamnt of the Bible. View details »

Historical events described in the Bible

A chronology of the some of the historical highlights involving the land and people of Israel. View details »

Answers to tough questions

Answers to reader submitted questions about different Bible prophecies and other Bible passages. View details »