The people of the northern kingdom of Israel (Ephraim) would be exiled to Assyria and Egypt

Bible passage: Hosea 9:1-3
Prophet: Hosea
Written: About 750 BC

Hosea, who lived about 2,700 years ago, during a time when the Assyrians were expanding their empire, prophetically warned the people of the northern kingdom of Israel that they would be exiled from their land.

During that time, 10 of the tribes of Israel were living in the so-called northern kingdom of Israel. That kingdom also was known and referred to as Ephraim, and sometimes Samaria.

The other two tribes of Israel lived in the southern kingdom, known as Judah.

This prophecy found fulfillment when the Assyrians invaded and conquered the northern kingdom in about 722 BC.

Some of the Israelites escaped to Egypt. Others were carried off as captives to Assyria.

The Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom was devastating and had permanent effects. The northern kingdom never recovered and never regained independence. The 10 tribes of Israel who resided there became known as the "lost tribes of Israel."

Hosea explains in the first verse of this prophecy that the punishment of exile was due to the fact that the people of the northern kingdom had turned away from God.

- Research and commentary is based on the book 100 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies. © Ray Konig and

Here is Hosea 9:1-3 (NIV):

1 Do not rejoice, Israel; do not be jubilant like the other nations.

For you have been unfaithful to your God; you love the wages of a prostitute at every threshing floor.

2 Threshing floors and winepresses will not feed the people; the new wine will fail them.

3 They will not remain in the Lord's land; Ephraim will return to Egypt and eat unclean food in Assyria.